Information Architecture


Information Architecture Revamp for Airsoft Squared

keywords: interviews, information architecture, domain modelling, sitemaps, user journeys, wireframing


Individual project, MSc Human-Computer Interaction Design

Methods: Navigation and hierarchy, domain modelling, taxonomies

Tools: Axure, card sorting

proposed user journey



Airsoft Squared is a social network for Airsoft players across the world, which enables communities to share information on the game, organise events, buy and sell Airsoft-related products. At the time of the project, the existing web platform did not allow for a very easy navigation. 

Suggestions for the design of a better information architecture and the rationale behind them are presented below. 




A total of five Airsoft enthusiasts were interviewed. The first three interviews were written as open ended, with the last two interviews allowing for closed ended questions. 


Domain Modelling

In creating it the domain model, the information that is important to the users has been analysed and included in the design, together with the ideas that were meaningful, which were gathered from the unstructured, open-ended questions interviews with the domain experts. 


By focusing on the users and their interests, the sitemap was produced as a derivate of the domain model. Some of the methods used in creating it are based on informally talking to the users, comparing the content from competitor websites (content inventory, information grouping), and performing card sorting and tree testing. 



Having a first, unrefined version of the sitemap, the process of creating the wireframes was conducted by taking a quick glance at the current organisation and structuring of the website, ensuring that the same mistakes will not be replicated.



The evaluation took place at different points in the design process. Initially, the evaluation discovered that, for example, the users were unable to directly purchase products. At a later stage, the evaluation uncovered other possible avenues for improvements to the website.