iWARDs Workshops

From March to June 2018 I co-facilitated a series of 2-hour workshops with postgraduate medical trainees in three hospitals across London. At the workshops, we explored how digital interventions could support work-life balance issues.

Team members: Dr Amira Aly, Dr Maggie Baker, Dr Marta Cecchinato, Prof Anna Cox, Laura Lascau, Dr Antonia Rich

What I did: facilitated the workshops, recruited participants, designed a website and edited the booklet for the workshops

The challenge

Doctors’ well-being has been shown to affect patient care, adherence to treatment and interpersonal aspects of care. High levels of emotional exhaustion and burnout are significant amongst doctors.

The face-to-face workshops

At the workshops, we explored how digital interventions could support work-life balance issues.

Using reflection cards we prompted discussions in which participants reflected on and shared their own experience of the practical issues they face.

workshop image
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The digital workshops

In addition, to explore the possibility of scaling up the face-to-face workshops, we developed a digital version of the intervention, through online workshops. For this, we created a series of short videos on the research behind the intervention to be published within a closed group on Facebook.

The reflective activities took place on Trello, a project management tool, which simulates moving post-it notes around and allows to leave comments and upvote others’ notes.

The outcomes of the workshops

We are currently carrying out the analysis of our evaluation data which consists of post-workshop feedback questionnaires, measures of well-being, burnout and boundary control and qualitative data from semi-structured telephone interviews. 

Early analysis shows the intervention had measurable impact. The feedback from doctors was positive. All attendees found the workshop useful and said they would recommend the workshops to others.

Useful – especially the technological interventions for managing boundaries between work & home life.
— Workshop participant