Redesigning the Onboarding Journey


Redesigning the Onboarding Journey for the Users of the IBM Watson IoT Platform

I completed the project while working as an Associate User Experience Designer on the IBM Watson IoT Platform

Team members: Mats Gothe, Laura Lascau, Peter Loveland, Vikki Paterson, Sophie-Anne Rogers

What I did: User interviews, conceptual and detailed design, usability testing

What I delivered: Wireframes, stakeholder presentations, usability reports


First-time users of the IoT Platform always had the same question during our user tests and user interviews: “What do I do now?”. It was not that they didn’t know that they wanted to do, they really did, but they didn’t know how to do the thing or where to find the information that they were after.

We understood that users wanted more guidance and control from the platform, and so we took on the task of redesigning the onboarding journey for our users.

We started with interviewing existing and first-time users of the platform. In the interviews we asked our participants to run us through some of the things that they would normally do on the platform, and to try to connect a new IoT device to the platform if they were first-time users.

high-def wireframe

Based on these sessions with the users, we started ideating potential ways of making onboarding easier for our users.

side panel

The end result is a tailored journey which gently guides users towards the key ‘ah-ha’ moments which allow them to form a mental model of the IoT platform and its resources.